From Media Creatives to Art and Illustration I have the creative outlook to help build new Ideas


  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Identity
  • UI/UX Research
  • Product Development

Art & Illustration

  • Original Ideas
  • Sketching
  • Painting
  • Coloured Pencil Work
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  • Editing
    • Photoshop
    • Indesign
    • PremierePro
  • Runner Skills
  • Camera Work


Jungle Mural

Jungle Mural Painting on Wall

Cinematography Work

Screen Community worked as set Designer -Artwork is also feautured

TV Opening The Last Search Filmed and Edited by Dristi Kalyan

Turbulence TV Live Broadcast Sports and Weather


2D and 3D Games with Audio Explaination

3D Cat Game animation for End Game

3D Cat Game Developed and created within a group with four other creators

Designed the layout and mouse,trashcans,birds animation and UI elements

2D Work

2D Krishna Animation

Animation created for Singer Jalen Tryee

Poshest Pups Intro Animation

VFX Work

Green Screen Group C

VFX magical Transition In Black and White

VFX magical Transition In Full Colour

3D Modelled Environments

Rendered Kitchen

Character Turnaround

Paris Environment

3D environment Model of Paris Environment Modelled in Maya


Showreel Virtual Production

A Showreel for Virtual Production

Showreel Film

A Showreel for Film

Showreel Animation

A Showreel for Animation

Hotel Mural

Hotel Wall Mural

Hotel Wall Mural- London City Airport

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